Pastors & Staff

Dr. John P. Hadley

Senior Pastor

A Vietnam Veteran and ministry veteran, John leads Marsh Lane with 38 years of church experience.

John’s favorite restaurant is Arthur’s Steak House.  His hobbies include cooking, golfing, and hanging out with the bride of his youth.

Scott Hadley

Executive Pastor

Pursuing a life of ministry since a young age, Scott has passionately dedicated his life to the church.
His favorite eatery is still McDonalds.  His hobbies include basketball, traveling, and watching Judge Judy or The Office…again and again and again.

Josh Rivera

Student Pastor

Welcome to our newest member of the staff, Student Pastor Josh Rivera!

Dianna Talkington

Office Administrator

When she joined Marsh Lane she was only 22 years old,
Dianna didn’t know that she would someday keep the organization of this church at it’s optimum.
Dianna’s favorite restaurant is Red Lobster and her hobbies include a variety of crafts.

Ted Walker

Worship Minister

Ted uses his God-given musical talents to guide our church to the throne of God.
Ted’s favorite restaurant is On the Border and his hobbies include reading (when he has the time).

Darrell Edgerley 

Facilities Maintenance 

With skill and expertise from owning his own business, Darrell has eyes that see what most of us do not.  Besides it’s people, the church’s greatest asset is its property.
Darrell’s favorite restaurant is anything with a drive-thru.

Deacon Board

John Garner (Board Chairman)
John Arline
Brady Hadley
Cecil Vega
Kevin Miller (Intern)